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24. April 2018 10:02 Alter: 4 yrs

China-Europe freight train traffic climbs

CHINA-EUROPE freight trains have made 1,000 trips in the first three months, up 75 percent compared with the same period last year, China Railway Corporation said.

The record was made due to more rail routes and accelerated train speed on the Chinese side.

The cross-border rail network has bridged 43 Chinese cities with 41 European cities in 13 countries.

More than 7,600 journeys have been made between cities in the two continents since March 2011 when the service started.

The China-Europe rail service is seen as a significant part of the Belt and Road initiative. It is set to boost trade between China and Europe, China’s largest trading partner.

There are likely to be 4,000 train trips in 2018, said Zhao Jun, head of the freight department of CRC.

Quelle: Shanghai Daily