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17. November 2010

China bereitet strengere Preiskontrollen vor

In China werden Lebensmittel teilweise unerschwinglich - jetzt greift die Regierung ein: Die Volksrepublik will die Preise strenger kontrollieren. Außerdem will das Land gegen Spekulationsgeschäfte mit Mais und Baumwolle vorgehen.[mehr]

18. November 2010

SAIC pays US$5m for ally's IPO stake

SAIC Motor Corp has agreed to pay US$5 million for a 0.97 percent stake in General Motors' initial public offering. The two companies have already tied up to expand globally by setting up a 50-50 joint venture in India to produce...[mehr]

19. November 2010

Chinese economy to see stable growth: OECD - Domestic demand will plug hole caused by decline in exports.

China's economy in 2011 and 2012 will maintain a stable growth rate of 9.7 percent. It said China's renewed buoyancy is projected to continue in 2011-2012, as rising domestic demand offsets a renewed slowdown in exports,...[mehr]

02. Dezember 2010

China updated - strong domestic growth meets increasing costs

China’s transport sector will continue to see strong international volume growth for the rest of the year. Yet, a dominant theme within the Chinese business community is the anticipated increase of Chinese manufacturing costs and...[mehr]

04. Dezember 2010

Chinese authorities are accelerating the process to allow overseas companies to float shares in the domestic A-share market

Chinese authorities are accelerating the process to allow overseas companies to float shares in the domestic A-share market as a way to ease the country's mounting pressure of "hot money" inflows.[mehr]

06. Dezember 2010

Regional free trade talks 'set for 2012'

Free trade agreement (FTA) talks among China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK) could start in 2012 as the countries try to reduce reliance on the United States and the European Union, Yi Xiaozhun, vice-minister of commerce,...[mehr]

09. Dezember 2010

Caffeine overload: Starbucks will more than triple its stores in China

Do you think that Starbucks...a) serves crappy coffee at prices that warrant a boycott b) the leading symptom of Western imperialism or c) the embodiment of all that is wrong with globalized society?[mehr]

13. Dezember 2010

Chinas Außenhandel wächst um ein Drittel

Von solchen Wachstumswerten kann die westliche Welt nur träumen: Deutlich über 30 Prozent legten Chinas Import und Export im Vergleich zum Vorjahr zu. Die USA drängen immer stärker auf eine Aufwertung des Yuan.[mehr]

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